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All deposits are non refundable and non transferrable. You will automatically agree to these terms when purchasing this product. 


Simply purchase the course online selecting how many days you would like to do, then call us within 1 week to book your session on 01622 290101. Please note we are not available for courses on weekends. Once you have purchased the deposit for the course you will have 6 months to book and attend the course. 


What is included?


1-1 Training sessions are our most popular course simply because it is designed to suit everyone. This is our most versatile course because you can choose the length of your course, the number of looks you learn and you have complete control over which makeup looks and techniques you would like to focus on. Whether you are completely new to makeup and have never picked up a brush before or you are an already well established and an experienced MUA we can cater for you and your skill level.


Our AHM Artist will then adapt the whole course to you and your needs to ensure you get the most knowledge and experience from your time with us. During your 1-1 training you will cover 2 looks a day on a model, one look in the morning followed by a lunch break and then one look in the afternoon. You will be shown in detail how to apply each product, how to hold each brush, how much pressure to apply, how to get the perfect blend and we will work with you on improving technique and knowledge as well as your overall skills in applying makeup. 1-1 training can focus on basic every day looks, heavy glam or bright bold and colourful, it's up to you to choose. At AHM we are aware that you may feel more confident working on a model that you know, so we give you the option to bring your own model or we can provide you with an AHM model for your training with us. You will have the chance to ask our artists as many questions as you wish as well as taking notes and pictures. After each look you will receive a full product list and upon completion you will receive an in-house AHM certificate. 


When can I book my lesson for?


1-1 Training is available to book on any weekday. The course runs 10am - 4pm (depending on the looks you choose to learn the day may be slightly longer or shorter than this). If you would prefer a weekend date for your training contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you. Email or call us to book your 1-1 training date. 


Who is this course suitable for?


This course is perfect for all skill levels and all ages because we adapt it to your strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are learning for yourself (because it is easier to learn on a model) or if you are learning to work in industry, 1-1 Training with an AHM Artist is ideal. 


Will I need to bring anything with me?


You will have full access to all makeup products in the shop as well as our brushes during your lesson. If you would prefer to bring a selection of your own brushes to use we would be more than happy to explain how to use them. We also suggest that you bring pictures of looks that you would like to recreate in your lesson or arrive prepared knowing what type of looks you'd like to learn.


How much is this course?


You can choose the level of skill and experience you want to leave with. Choose from 1 - 7 days of training. We require a £50 deposit for each day you are booking with us. Deposits come off of the total course price. If you wish to use an AHM Model on your course there will be an extra charge of £30 a day to pay on the day. Please note all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. When you purchase this course you will automatically be agreeing with these terms and conditions. Payment plans and finance options are available. Please contact us for more information on these options. 


1 Day - £200

2 Day - £350

3 Day - £450

4 Day - £600

5 Day - £750

6 Day - £900

7 Day - £1,250





1-1 Training Days

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